1. Up To You

Another song penned by Steve King. A tribute to Jim Croce and a reflection on the ability of music to live on in the hearts and minds of people long after we are gone.Fans of Croce take note. You'll hear many familiar references in the lyrics.<br />
Because Sweet Vine was a bit derivative and tended to wear our influences on our sleeves, this song was often misunderstood to be actually copping Croce lyrics rather than the tribute it was meant to be.


UP TO YOU<br />
VS.1<br />
Whistle a melody in the Alabama rain<br />
Speedball Tucker is running down the road like a runaway train<br />
In a song you said, &quot;I leave it all up to you&quot;<br />
Bleach blonde bombers and box number ten<br />
Make up the love affair for the guy you don't mess around with<br />
In a song you said, I leave it all up to you<br />
<br />
B-VERSE<br />
I leave it up to you to let the people know what you're feeling inside.<br />
Yes, and when the day is through, I hope your lines weep gently without compromise<br />
<br />
VS.2<br />
You sang of salon, you sang of saloon<br />
Hanging on the lover's cross was the hard way everytime for you<br />
In a song you said, I leave it all up to you..<br />
<br />
<br />
B-VERSE<br />
<br />
VS.3<br />
My day has come. Your dawn is calling<br />
The last drop of Alabama rain has fallen<br />
Though I'm gone I'll say, &quot; I leave it all up to you&quot;<br />
In a song I'll say, &quot;I leave it all up to you&quot;<br />
On and on you got to say &quot;I leave it all up to you...&quot;