<span style="color: rgb(153, 204, 0);">Another song born from the breakup. Why is it easier to write about pain than ga-ga love? This one was Hans singing like Eddie Vedder fronting Led Zeppelin. What can I say? The mournful bellow suited my voice at the time, before I had learned to utilize my falsetto. I still love the vibe of this one though, and it really is soaked in honest grief and regret. Perfect for tea and crumpets.</span>


<br />
VS.1<br />
Tell me there's something I can try to help get me out of this<br />
Caught up in subtle lies and lazy hints.<br />
I swear in your name now I can't deny it, I acted out of selfishness<br />
Spit in the face of love and she held me nevertheless.<br />
Let's bury the ghosts now in your dreams<br />
Cause there's a haunted look that I can see<br />
Spirits that call your name when you talk to me<br />
Your smile makes me famous and your face is the only place that I can be<br />
Instead of a hanging, I get a hung jury<br />
<br />
CHORUS<br />
You're more than this, you're more than I could ever hope to carry<br />
You make me hiss you make me sigh<br />
Oh you make me weary<br />
What would I do if I couldn't find the me in you?<br />
I know, you're more than this, you're more than I ever made love to be<br />
<br />
BRIDGE<br />
Suddenly the air is gone and I'm cold and weak<br />
Spilling out my guts to strangers in the middle of the street<br />
There's been a time or two when I felt our worlds collide<br />
And all that's left is rain<br />
So now I'm saying<br />
<br />