1. All I Could Do

<span style="color: rgb(153, 204, 0);">Hans does Eddie Vedder doing Otis Redding. It was 1994. I liked Pearl Jam. A lot. What can I say</span>


This was the first one. The one that started it all. I was still living in Hawaii, shuffling and limping blindly through a slow blood draining break-up with an ex when we made this demo. I flew into Sac for this one, which was recorded at the venerated Pus Cavern on 1/4&quot; reel to reel. The plan was that Nate was going to come live with me for a few months in Hawaii and write songs which we would record on a tape deck and bring back to Sac to demo. I think he lasted three weeks. He was dealing with girl troubles of his own back at home as well as complete culture shock and a sense of total displacement.(something I tend to crave).<br />
This song was honed very simply on the street, usually on a guitar borrowed from a man who called himself &quot;Timothy St. John&quot;. Timothy had a mohawk and a tattoo on the side of his skull that said &quot;jesus Is The Lion&quot; with a big picture of a lion accompanying it. He had a bible and a lot of homemade signs warning of impending doom. And he had a small nylon string acoustic guitar which he would let me play after striking up a conversation with him and then befriending him somewhat in my last months in Hawaii. As I walked the streets alone, swirling in rainbowed purgatory, I slowly started building a road back to a place inside myself that was true and real and new. It was rough and raw and open. I was 23 years old.<br />
<br />
<font size="4">All I Could Do<br />
VS.1<br />
When you walk down that road, carrying nothing but your soul<br />
and a dream that will last forever.<br />
Deep inside of your mind is a place that brings a little joy<br />
from the pain in each step that you take<br />
<br />
CHORUS <br />
I brought this upon myself<br />
You know I had to leave.<br />
It was all I could do for you girl<br />
<br />
VS.2<br />
I'll be missed, but I've seen broken glass<br />
falling all around me<br />
And now I must carry that stone<br />
It's a heavy load<br />
Now I'm weary in the sun. It'll be grey tomorrow<br />
And a hard hard rain is gonna come, but I know that I'll be<br />
Walking on and on and on....<br />
<br />
CHORUS<br />
<br />
BRIDGE<br />
Lord give me strength, Lord give me hope<br />
I've made my decision and now I must cope with it<br />
Girl close your eyes, please understand that it's my final chance<br />
To prove I'm your man, yeah...<br />
<br />
I brought this upon myself<br />
You know I had to leave<br />
I'll find a place to pull myself together girl<br />
Right here and right now<br />
And you will know you're all that I needed<br />
And you'll truly believe in me..<br />